Because Golchi is the only bottle you’ll ever need

Two Beverages in One Bottle

With Golchi, you can carry up to two beverages with perfect temperature insulation, in any combination hot or cold, simultaneously in one bottle.

Experiment beyond vision- pre and post workout drink; chilled smoothie and hot coffee; your green tea along with baby formula; all in one dynamic smart bottle.

One Bottle Four Personalities

  • Double Decker : Mix and match with your beverages and a snack with a dual compartment bottle and a built-in storage section.
  • Jumbo: Less is more for you? Carry one hot or cold beverage in a jumbo volume with a snack
  • Traditional: The classic bottle for one hot or cold beverage with no storage section.
  • Golchi Mini: Split your Golchi into two standalone bottles and explore limitless possibilities.

Built-in Storage

Forget carrying multiple boxes for your daily essentials. Golchi’s built-in storage section is the perfect place to store protein powder, baby formula, cereal, snacks or even medicines.​

Twist and Pull – that is all you need to do!

3 in 1’ Bottom Lid

A first of its kind, this adjustable spout lets you control the amount of liquid flow. With a movable slider and three level locking points, adjust the spout to small for hot beverages or enlarged for cold drinks.

Little sips of hot coffee, or big gulps of chilled water, take your pick!

Multipurpose Lower Compartment

For your thirst and hunger. Use it as:

  • Bottle for a cold or a hot drink
  • Food Canister for cereals / snacks

Temperature Marker

Temperature Markers on both the lids help you always remember whether it’s a hot or cold drink inside.


World’s Most Versatile & Customizable bottle

  • Premium Grade (304)
    Stailess Steel
  • Temprature Retention
    Hot up to 6 hrs
    Cold up to 12 hrs
  • Leak Proof Triple
    Layer Protection
  • No Odour

  • Two Lids Four Drinking Mechanisms
  • Dishwasher Safe
    ( Plastic Parts Only )
  • Wide Mouths/
    Splits From Middle
  • Heat / Condensation
    Resistant Surface