Message from the desk

World around us has evolved so much over the last few decades but the world of bottles and cups have not seen much of a change. Although many new shapes, designs and concepts have hit the market, all of these have been more of transformations inspired from one another, and not the original innovation.

We have dared to challenge this status quo and put you, your choices and convenience at the center of the design. We have worked backwards to give you a highly functional bottle that meets all your needs and has high aesthetic appeal. Golchi’s shape changing modular design makes it adjustable to four different configurations. It goes from big to small or one to two in an instant.

Who would have ever imagined a bottle that will be capable of carrying both your favorite hot and cold drink simultaneously? We did and thus we offer you GOLCHI, a product that has celebrity looks and robot like functionality. When we say it is the world’s most versatile and customizable bottle, we truly mean it!!!

One Golchi bottle replaces at least 3 non-biodegradable plastic containers. It is a perfect choice for those who believe ‘sustainable design’ to be true fashion.

Go Golchi, Go Green!!!

Vision & Purpose

At Golchi, our vision is to maximise your convenience by
re-imagining your everyday bottle.

Golchi Denotes Go Chill!

Keep up the cool quotient with Golchi’s unique design and unmatched versatility. Explore the unending possibilities of carrying everyday essentials, all in one bottle.

Golchi is committed to the cause of protecting the environment. We’ve built the bottle with premium grade stainless steel, eliminating the use of plastic, paper and other disposable materials. Thus, promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for one and all.

Go Golchi, Go Green!!!

What & why

The Story Behind Golchi’s Name and Logo

Keep “GO”ing and “Chill” are two core ideas we wanted to emphasize. We also wanted something new, and free from confines of any language. That’s what went into creating the brand “Golchi”. Our next challenge was to represent it through a logo that has a character and is compatible with ‘invertible’ nature of our bottle. We finally came up with a logo, representative of thoughts we have put into designing this bottle.

In our logo, the line proceeding to the right depicts the motion in accordance with the term “go”. Terms “go” and “ch” denote the two compartments of our bottle. The red and blue colors represent vacuum insulation for both cold and hot beverages. The two dots on the sides of the logo depict two openings on the either side of our bottle. And finally, our logo is an ambigram: if you rotate it by 180 degrees in any direction, it retains its identity.


Golchi in the Making: Conceptualized and Designed in USA

One Bottle, Four Configurations

After completing a journey of one and a half years, spanning across three continents, we have finally executed our
vision, and designed a product that defines innovation.

Team Of 4

To Achieve

With infinite passion &


Over Last 18

Visualized More Than

150 Renderings

Spent Over 15,000

Covered Three

Worked on Three
Design Iterations

Golchi’s evolution

Over the last one and a half year